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Surf City
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Surfer Ettiquette
Locals Surf Hangouts
Capitola Beach
Capitola Beach is a Great place to come relax, catch some waves and grab some dinner.  This beach is perfect for begginners. Just off to the right of the rock jetty the waves break providing perfect longboard waves as conditions permit. This beach surfing wise  tends to be less crowded than most
Great For Beginners !
The Hook
Located in Pleasure Point  this stretch of rocky shoreline is popular for  the local surfers. also its mainly a lot of longboards out there and on bigger days shortboards can be used.  For the most part be respectful to the local surfers and all should be swell.
Popular Amongst the Locals
Manresa State Beach
Steamer Lane
36th and East Cliff
30th and East Cliff
Natural Bridges
Highway 1
Moss Landing
Head south on Highway 1 towards Aptos and get off at the big sign that says "Manresa State Beach." Solid beach break as long as the wind stays down, and generally not as crowded as surfing spots within Santa Cruz or Capitola. It can get pretty big when a substantial north swell is rolling in. Watch out for rip currents and enjoy the wildlife!
This is the most famous surf spot in all of Santa Cruz. It is recommended that you be a really experienced surfer before paddling out. When the swell is up the lane offers world-class waves.  While it is an amazing spot to surf you must be cautious as it is the most hazardous surf spot in Santa Cruz. Again be CAUTIOUS!
The best place to start out if you're new to the sport, Cowell's offers long gentle waves for longboarding. It's generally understood that Cowell's is the spot for beginner or novice surfers, so the scene in the water is crowded yet generally polite. Easily accessed by stairs off of West Cliff drive or if you're up to it by paddling out from the beach north of the wharf.
Solid Beach Break
Hazardous Surf
Experienced Surfers only!
A Good Starting Point!
One of the most popular surfing spots, Mavericks is known for some of the biggest waves and wildest surfing conditions in Northern California. Every year, Mavericks hosts surfing events that draw hundreds of spectators interested in watching many of the top surfers in the world. Even on a non-event day, watching the surfers tackle the enormous waves can be exciting.
If you like adventure, just head north out of town on Highway 1 and watch out for waves. It's a great way to avoid crowds, and on any given day one of dozens of 'secret' surfing spots is usually breaking. Try Waddell Creek State Beach, Ano Nuevo, or just pull over and hike to the shore anywhere you stop- you may find the perfect wave. Bring a wet suit and a buddy  there is no one for miles if you get hurt
When the conditions are right, just south of the rock arches of Natural Bridges offers surfing conditions similar to the Lane, except without the crowding out in the water.The only problem is the conditions aren't right that often- it's still a beautiful place to just paddle out and chill in the kelp- tons of marine life and scenery.
Experienced surfers only! 30th is where the Pleasure Point elite surf. There are maybe two or three people on the planet who are allowed out there on a longboard, and they are certainly locals. Great spot for aerials and aggressive rides, spectators welcome
The heart of Pleasure Point- depending on tides and swell, there are lots of waves to be ridden between The Hook and 30th Ave., the stairs at 36th is generally the central access point. Great varieties of longboard waves, on less crowded days a good place for beginners and experts alike. On weekends it tends to get crowded
Great location if you want to catch some syrf out of town.  You can drive down  highway 1 south and hit Moss Landing Beach . This beach offers miles of good surf  and is not crowded like  a lot of the in-town surf spots. This area is more for advanced surfers. Also be sure to watch out for rip currents!
A Good Variety !
Experienced  Surfers
Secluded Surfing!
Scenic Surfing!
World Class Waves
Good Surf out Of Town!